Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend in Bellingham

We had a great weekend in Bellingham! We went to Hovander Farm in Ferndale, WA. Here is the link: The kids really enjoyed the big red barn as we have been reading that book for Baby's story. Brother was very interested in the plows. We had read the Enki story "Fill Up The House" two weeks ago, in which one of the brother's failed to win the house from his father when he brought home a plow, and obviously plows were on Brother's mind.

We also saw some a fabulous Daliah garden. The daliah's were so tall that they towered over the boys creating covered paths for the kids to "sneak" through.

Baby is being especially hilarious right now. Bear in mind his isn't even two and a half years old yet. Somewhere in the past week this TV and computer free kid has heard "I'm going to beat you up." And he even knows the "punching" type motion. We were at two parks last week, one if which was pretty rowdy. Our strategy at this age is simply redirection (and trying not to laugh). Meanwhile, there were 2 pretty big turkeys and some big geese in a pen. They were pretty aggressive, with the turkeys puffing up and the geese posturing and honking. These guys are the same size that he is and it was pretty scary for him. After hiding behind me in fear he stepped forward and pulled up his fists and elbows in position and started walking towards the birds. It was pretty funny. Of course I redirected him, but it was still funny!

Right before we left town we took some over grown squash up to the goats and turkeys who live behind my parents. It was so fun feeding the animals. They came running as soon as they saw us, even the turkeys!

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