Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Older Kindergarten Week #3 Wednesday

Today we met a friend at Karkeek park. It is so beautiful there. We could hear the Hawks calling. For a while instead of watching the children, I watched a chipmunk feast on snowberries. It was so sweet. I love chipmunks.

We met in the early afternoon, and as we didn't need to homeschool this morning in order to meet our 3 day a week goal, I let the kids free play all morning. Big Mistake! I should have stuck to the rhythm and had a morning walk, circle and story just like usual. I paid for it with squabbles and melt-downs. Brother even said "We didn't have circle yet today,:" which is a huge clue to me! Blah! Now I know and I won't be so lazy again.

After we came home from Karkeek, the kids had quiet time while I spent too long on the phone. I did manage to squeeze in our project/activity of woodworking. We are making our second crafts board. I marked the saw lines off with pencil and Brother sawed one of the lines, we have three more to go.

And then dinner was haphazard and ran late. Darn phone!

But at least I am still on the path to meeting my weekly goals!

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