Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tiger Mountain

Today we spent most of our day hiking at Tiger Mountain with our Wednesday Hiking Friends. It was a lovely day. Brother petted slugs and watched them squish up, waded in a little pond, and made friends with a duck I wouldn't let him feed. Mean Mommy! Being 6, he wanted to run ahead or hide behind us. Often I couldn't see him, which made me a little nervous. I want to honor his need of independence, but at the same time, there was a bear and a cougar caught in Seattle this year. It just reminds me that wild animals do exist and the do live in the forest at Tiger Mountain, especially if they can survive in the parks of Seattle. WOW! At the same time, they do tend to be shy, and it is very low risk. So, deep breaths MaMa.

After we got home, I needed to make my grocery list and take us to the store. That is what soured part of the day. If I had my list before we left and we stopped on the way home, then it would have been no big deal. But, coming home and then leaving again tipped the kids over. So, my goal next week is to get that all finished the night before. If I am really on my game, I'll have snack done Tuesday night as well. But, baby steps.

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