Friday, September 4, 2009

Shoreline Public School First Class Day

was yesterday. Hee Hee! We didn't even know, except that Brother saw a school bus drive through the neighborhood. I thought it was a practice run.

Oh, the bliss of ignorance! Ok, now I'm not so blissed out. I just realized what a momentous occasion it is. Brother turned 6 on August 30th, so we were going to hold him out of school last year anyway. That means that this is the first year we would truly consider sending him to Kindergarten. And now we have missed the possibility of the first day of school. It's like the point of no return. We Really Are Homeschoolers!

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  1. I am so there with you on the ignorance. I knew when school started here, but didn't really pay attention. I woke up early that day, stepped outside and said, "Where are all the children? I wanted to do a happy dance as they all disappeared..."

    Ah well. I have no clue what time they go to school or come home from school. Ignorance IS bliss. And so are quiet playgrounds and pools!

    Yes, the Point of No Return... Homeschool or Bust!!! Woo hoo! Congratulations!!!