Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Ok, I love the rain. Living in Seattle, I'd better love the rain. But, after last year's roof leaking, black mold sickness - big rains make us worried. I guess we should really see them as a gift though; a way to test the mettle of our new roof! Anyway, when we went to the master bedroom on Saturday afternoon water was pouring out of the light fixture above the bed. Further investigation found black mold on the carpet pad. So Husband cleaned it up and threw parts away until the black mold was all gone again. Meanwhile, we had a big pan with water dripping into it when we were hit with another deluge. After all of the water intrusion issues in the old house from the bottom up, we never expected to have them in the new house, from the top down!

We survived the weekend, with much stress, and the roofers came over on Tuesday, found their mistake, and hopefully fixed it. Unfortunately, with two automaton parents walking around in the "I'm freaking out, but I'm not going to blow" mode, both kids were pretty stressed out too. We tried to keep it as normal as possible, but there is no way they didn't feel the tension. Plus, instead of having family time Daddy was working, coping, cleaning mold, and setting out water pans.

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