Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Older Kindergarten Week #3 Tuesday

We completed our regular homeschooling in the morning. In the afternoon we went to the local Park Day for the third week in a row. The kids seem to play by different rules than we do, so there was a lot of reporting going on by Brother. He accidentally poked a kid "in the eye" with a stick when he was trying to down the slide and the other was coming up. Everyone was fine, but it makes me nervous. It's because of the "bag of poop" I am still carrying around from a different group I was in this summer. I am doing really well at holding boundaries with the person who seems want to add their "poop" to my already full enough bag. Probably this is something I want to meditate on! Meanwhile, Brother left the park much more gracefully this week than last week. Which means he was feeling more comfortable and less stretched.

Tuesday is beeswax day, and I am finally getting that started up. I have some warming kinks to work out, especially since we are heading into the colder season! But, he was really interested in the project and the sensory stuff, how does it feel, how do you work with it, etc. This is also an improvement!

And our other major improvement was in leave taking from babysitting. He left without causing a running around ruckus! One of the reasons is because I am not allowing him to play with the trains anymore. That seems so harsh, but it was really tipping him over. He was melting down the entire time he was trying to play with them, so I called it. For the last two weeks he has found other things to focus on and his quality of play is really increasing again. He is also done irritating the little girl to get a reaction out of her and they are starting to play together well again. Phew!

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