Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Older Kindergarten week 1 Tuesday

Today was an interesting day. I can see Brother maturing. It is a pretty uncomfortable process for him, poor kid. He feels like "everything is changing, Nothing is the same." I know it is internal changes, but if I can find a way to make the days easier for him I will. So , I posed the idea of a daily schedule listed on the wall. He is pre-reading, so it has to be pictorial, but he is showing an increased interest in words, so I am also writing out the words. I had him start looking through magazines for pictures of pertinent activities for him to cut out today. Hopefully he will feel more comfortable, he seems happy.

We were able to complete all of our regular homeschooling today, for the kids anyway. Circle was a little rough. As it is Autumn, my circle was based on squirrels and Brother wants to be a duck right now. Oops. We went to the local homeschool park day and then Baby missed nap, so although I laid down with him for a while, and we all had "quiet time" I didn't get to meditate.

Park Day went really well except that Brother accidentally ran into another kid. He was sent down on the zip line at the same time a boy ran right in front of the path. There was nothing he could do, but it was sure an intense and traumatic event. It didn't help that the first time we went to park day, the injured kid was crying "I'm never going to play with him, etc." when it was more his fault than anything. Oh well, Brother seemed to bounce back and enjoy more play.

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  1. It's funny to watch them mature. It happens slowly and noticeably. Five weeks ago, Gavin was unable to sit still in Taekwondo. Now he pays good attention, sits up straight...

    Why can't he do that while we homeschool??? LOL

    Children are always quick to blame others for hurting them, and can't seem to realize when they bear some responsibility for their actions. We've seen and had that happen plenty at the playground. No harm done to Brother, though, eh? The injured one will get over it. They always do. ;)