Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Green Machine

Poor Brother had an unpleasant growing experience this weekend while we were going through all of the leaking roof stress. Brother and Baby race around the backyard and down the driveway on their little tikes wheeled toys. They love it! Poor Brother was riding on one Saturday and it started scraping the ground. Clearly he had grown too big! He was filled with sorrow. This is a game they play together. This is a way that they can relate to each other despite the 3 and 3/4 years age difference! It was so sad. And it was especially poignant for me as the oldest of 4 children. I remember when my brothers and the neighbors got their Big Wheels when I was already too big to ride myself.

So, we went shopping on Craigslist and against all odds found one! There is a lady who is not far away who posted that she was looking for a bunch of them for a drag race. She was willing to pay more than they had asked for the one they were selling. After I saw the WTB ad, I figured there was no way we'd find one. And with the roof blow up, there was no way we were going to drop $120 on one. We didn't know if we were going to be replacing or restoring a bunch of metal roof ASAP, there was no way we could buy a Green Machine right then.

On Tuesday the seller contacted me, so after my eye appointment, we dropped homeschooling and drove the 20 miles to pick up the Green Machine. It is perfect. He can reach the pedals with 2 phone books behind him, and he loves maneuvering it in tight spaces to get out to the driveway. And both boys are happy ripping around the backyard and down the driveway again. They have drawn rode directions and parking spots with sidewalk chalk. All in all it turns very creative quickly. Being 6, brother wants to be the Big Boss in Charge, which is totally annoying, but also totally age appropriate.

I am not the best at pictures and will get some soon.

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