Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Older Kindergarten Week #1 Wednesday

It's Wandering Wednesday. I forgot my camera, but we went to Franklin Falls at Snoqualmie Pass. We played in the spray at the base of the waterfall, lifted and carried heavy rocks and climbed over rocks to get from one side of the river to the other.

This morning I showed Brother the poster of the day's activities again. We read it together. After breakfast he just unloaded the dishwasher all by himself! I didn't remind him or anything. It was amazing. I don't expect to see it again for a long time, but it was really interesting. I read that the Older Kindergartener wants meaningful work, but it was amazing to actually see it in action.

At park day yesterday, we left early because he and some other children told me that they would stay in this one area (that I could not see them in) and play. I had a suspicion that something was going on, and when I went to find him, they had left the area. He complained that we did not agree on the exact lines of the boundary. So today, when he went to the other side of the river, I showed him the exact boundary he could play in and he agreed. Even though I was across the river from him, He stayed in the agreed upon area with no problems. It just feels like he is maturing and becoming more responsible.

Tonight I made Thursday's poster and we went over our plans for the day. We talked about it, and he is feeling more heard and cared for since we have started this practice.

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  1. Oooh, tricky child - saying you didn't agree on the exact lines of boundary! He's a clever one. :)