Monday, September 21, 2009

Older Kindergarten Week #2 Monday

The week has started off well. We are celebrating the Autumnal Equinox, so we are reading the Enki story The Buried Treasure. I chose it because it is still a Folk Talk and we haven't started Fairy Tales yet and the story shows the whole process of farming (tilling, planting, tending, harvesting) and ends with a harvest festival! We are also reading Duchess Autumn, the Enki nature tale for the equinox. The circle is still focusing on squirrels because I am trying to keep the oldest at least a little involved and he loves squirrels.

For the preschooler, I am reading the book The Wild Child, The Big Red Barn, and Autumn. He can sit in for Brother's reading too if he wants.

For our project we cooked granola and harvest soup. I dropped the cleaning; it was essentially taking all day. I either need to lower my standard or do more of it on a daily basis!

Today was Brother's second swimming lesson. He did not get in the water again, but at least he sat on the side of the pool with his feet in the water for the whole lesson. It doesn't sound like he is planning on getting into the water any time soon. He thinks it is over his head, although I know for sure it is not. The water level is only 3 feet, and he is taller than that. We have 3 weeks off for pool maintenance. I told him that I thought he would probably grow during that time, so hopefully if I talk about him growing, and I measure his height a few days before swim class maybe he'll try to get in. I'll pull my husband on board. I think it will be more powerful coming from him.

Tomorrow is the Luminata, a local equinox celebration. People meet at Greenlake Park at 7pm for singing and merrymaking. After dark we walk part way around the lake with our lanterns. We started our lanterns on Friday and will finish them up tomorrow just in time to take to the festival. This is our third year, and I really love it. I'll bring pictures!


  1. Harvest soup? That sounds yummy! I'm so glad it is soup-making season again.

    When it comes to the pool, Gavin is not happy to go into the deep one. It is 4 feet deep at the shallow end. He is 4 foot one. Life-jackets are provided, but still he clings to me.

    I feel like since he's 6, he should be ready to learn the basics of swimming and water survival, so at this point I'm going with him. When he becomes more comfortable with the water, I'll sign him up for lessons. For now, we go in together.

    Is it possible for you or hubby to visit the pool with brother on a non-swimming lesson day, and take him in with you?

    We're hoping that familiarity with the water will soon help our son gain confidence and lose his fear. I wish the pool was more like 3-feet here... That would make a huge difference for us.

    Have a lovely time at the Luminata.

  2. I wish Daddy would go! But, he doesn't seem to be able to make the time. To be fair, he has done a ton of maintenance around the house this summer, but if it was important to him, then he would have found the time. So, limp along we do.