Friday, January 29, 2010

Wed- Thursday catch up

Well, we've been having morning lessons every day. The weather has been so nice, we've been spending at least an hour outside each morning. I've been reclaiming some of the garden from the blackberries that we inherited when we moved in. The church lot behind our garden is a haven for song birds. I love listening to them sing while I work.

Wednesday afternoon we visited at a friend's house. So far we have had a social outing every day this week. But, what I have noticed is that we have not been doing any projects. It's hard to fit everything in.

Thursday we recalled Little Red Cap and drew our pictures.

Mine. Brother says that I drew another Masha and The Bear.

Brother's. He did show the darkness of the forest, which is what I was using to portray the wolf's spirit. Brother also wanted to show both houses and the path. He's really interested in maps right now. As you can see, outlining is a bit of a struggle for us. I am not sure how to encourage him to fill in, instead.

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