Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thusday - The Wolf and The Seven Kids story

Today we had a regular homeschooling day with circle and form walk, etc.

After reading Baby's stories to the boys, Brother and I did a partially led drawing for the story "The Wolf And The Seven Kids". I felt like the main point of the story for us was that the smallest goat heard the clock calling to him and was open enough to the opportunity to hear the call of the clock and respond, thus being saved from the wolf. So, we drew pictures of the clock. Plus, it's something I could draw.


Brother's. We stand side by side when we do the drawings. Notice that his clock is on the opposite side of the page than mine!

For our craft today, Brother and I made "stained glass" snowflakes from even more of our cut out snowflakes.

And we starting making Grandma's birthday present for Grandma's 73th birthday on Monday.

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