Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crayon Cases

Since Brother is an older Kindergartener mixed with small amount of First Grade I decided to make us the crayon cases. They really help promote the led drawing sessions.

I really noticed that after I gave him the crayon case, he became much more interested in drawing by himself. And he is doing a really good job of taking care with his crayons. He brings the case to me as soon as he is done. I did buy him new crayons this year as the old ones were all broken in their basket.

I also made one for myself as suggested in the Enki guide. It does really help with the modeling for the led drawing.

I have some extra fabric, so I am going to make a few extra. If you would like one, shoot me an email. I probably will put them on Etsy as well.


  1. Did you use velcro on his strap? If so, that's a brilliant idea -- Zoo Boy has the worst time trying to tie his closed. Maybe I'll replace his ties with a velcro strap....

  2. Yes, it is velcro. It was his idea. ;)