Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday -Story recall & dentist

Today was a weird day, not that it hasn't been a strange week. We've been completing all of our activities, but not at the time of day you'd expect. Baby is still sick. He has a fever at night, is sleeping multiple times a day, including falling asleep on his Dad's lap at dinner, and is whiney. Poor Kid. Brother is under the weather, but still OK. I'm crabby from lack of sleep, but holding it together.

So we went to the dentist this morning. It's the same dentist Brother has been going to since he was three, and he is six and a half years old now, so I actually sent him back to have his teeth worked on without me! This is a big deal because it is the first time. But, I wanted him to feel like he had some time away from me and conversations that I wasn't a party too. And it is an open walled area, so there are essentially 5 chairs in one big room. Privacy is built in using counters but there are no walls. So, he was alone with his technician, but not really. That part of the visit went really well! Unfortunately, Brother has a genetic enamel deformity, so he will have many filings in the future. For now, all we can do is continue to focus on tooth care and try and have a good, healthy diet with limited refined sugar.

Meanwhile, the visit really set us back for the day, we were home at around 11:15, so we went on our walk/form walk/circle around 11:30. Baby is so sick he couldn't walk, so I put him in the stroller. Then we had snack right away and onto recall.

Unfortunately, recall went flat. I recalled the whole story. When I prompted him, he would just say nonsense words. Drat! It was so annoying. On the way over to babysit I talked to him about it in the car. Apparently he feels like we haven't spent enough time with Masha And The Bear yet. We agreed that he would work with my story during the week and I would tell the Masha and The Bear story once a week and we would do one art project around it a week. Hopefully that meets his need to be a partner with me so that we can move on. It's hard to know where he is developmentally when he spends he time talking in nonsense words!

We finished up with a led drawing of the Star Frog.

Here is Brother's. He kept jumping ahead and I had to reign him in.

Here is mine. I need to work on rocks! And it may be way too complicated for an older Kindergartner. I am cutting myself some slack because I am learning along with him.

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