Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Puppet Show!

Today we had a "field trip" to the NW puppet Theater to see the show "The Knight and The Mermaid." Ooops, too scary for Brother. I don't really know why I thought this was a good idea except that everyone else with kids of the same age felt comfortable going. Looking back on it though, I should have known better and I think was just hoping that he would be OK with the group feedback of "everything is OK, no one else is upset." Oh well.

So, we left the show and went to Costco instead. Then we had lunch with Daddy as usual.

For afternoon craft we made "stained glass" snowflakes with tissue paper. There was a lot of glue used, so they are still drying. Baby was asleep for the craft, which gave Brother and I some nice time together.

My Dad's leukemia is finally starting to "officially" affect him enough to require treatment. This is not really a surprise to me because I had noticed that he has been catching little colds, etc lately and hasn't been recovering from them as expected. He is going to start treatment in 2 or 3 weeks depending on when they can fit him in. My Dad is taking the "bull by the horns" as usual. He could have waited for his blood count to be a 10 (I have no idea what this means), right now it is a 12.5. He chose to start now instead of waiting because he could see the trend and wanted to start chemo while he was healthier. I'm glad he's retaining his power! I am quite nervous to see how his body reacts to the treatment though. For some reason he has to be contrary and has had unexpected reactions to medical treatments.

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