Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday -

I added another base sense activity to our circle from the Enki Kindergarten Guide called "Snowflake" - So our circle is now:

Form Walk
Gathering Song
Winter White
Snowflakes - and a short grounding activity
Closing Song
Closing Spiral

I'm getting closer! All I need to add is a pre-recorder song, foreign language song, and a finger play.

It's hard focusing on winter right now when our weather is so unseasonably warm. Brother's contribution to circle today was "Spring is Coming." We have only had one really cold week so far, about 4 frosty mornings and no snow at all.

With my lack of enthusiasm towards the weather, I just couldn't pick t a snowy, winter poem for Baby's reading session today. I have the "My Bookhouse Collection", so we just read some nursery rhymes out of the "In The Nursery" book. This is Baby's book list for the week:

In The Nusery
A Fairy Went A-Marketing
The Gingerbread Baby (AAARGH!)
Mike Mulligan And His Steam Shovel

For Brother I am reading the Enki Fairy Tale "Little Red Cap", which went really well!

This afternoon we enjoyed a sunny day at the park with our good friends, and the kids took off their coats. After all , it is such a blustery winter here.

The snowmen are finally sewn together. This was just a wet felting project. Each part was made separately, and then sewn together. Brother had no problem with the sewing! I just started it off for him and he took control! They are supposed to be decorations, but the kids love them and play with them like toys. Hopefully they don't break! They aren't very sturdy.

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