Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wheat berry grass experiment

Here is the final product. The grass in the middle cup was denied water. It actually grew pretty tall at first because the seeds were soaked, but it did eventually dry out. The grass in the cup on the right was denied light. It grew in the pantry. I always felt guilty keeping it in the pantry. I could see it striving towards the light, growing taller, put remaining pale. It's texture is a little different as well. It feels more weak. I felt guilty about the grass denied water as well. It's not even a sentient being, but I felt like I was killing it. I am such a bleeding heart! It's not like it isn't going into the compost in the end anyway. Or the cat's bellies'.
The grass in the plastic container is growing in sand., and the grass in the basket has optimal conditions. Except that the cats did find a way to nibble on it.

Brother is only 6.5, so we didn't document the experiment, the plants were just around floating in and out of consciousness. I gave the healthy plants a haircut for Easter so that I could use real grass in the boy's Easter baskets.

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