Friday, April 2, 2010


This week we explored the qualities of number two. We read the Western European Tale of "Two Brothers" from our Enki Fairy Tales book. There were a lot of twos in the story. The most descriptive of the twos for me was the two pairs of brothers. One pair had opposite qualities, the twins shared the same qualities. Brother picked up on the opposites with the two forests in the story. One was a long, wide forest, the other was an enchanted forest of no return containing a witch.

Here are our number pictures. He chose the twins, the two forests and of course the two guns. In our story the huntsman's have guns.


  1. What lovely MLB's! I'm so glad to see your blog and will have fun going through it. It looks like you are doing marvelous things with your children (loved the picture of your family doing the Egyptian study :D) And your spring nature table is really awesome!

  2. Don't you just love those Enki fairy tales? What a wonderful way to explore the meaning of "two-ness". Love this post.