Friday, April 9, 2010

Funny Bunny

Here are little bunnies I made for my boys out of cotton dishcloth yarn. I was in a handwork pinch - needing a project that I could complete with what was handy. So I used cotton instead of the lovely wool I usually use. They are soft, but not nearly as beautiful as when I use wool. I put some dried organic white beans in the bottom and then finished stuffing with wool roving I have in my closet. The boys love them, include them in most of their play and sleep with them at night. I actually had to put the pink bunny's ears on while Baby was sleeping. He just pretended there was ears so he didn't have to wait.

Here is the tutorial for the bunny.

I used double pointed needles instead of the rounds.


  1. They are beautiful!

  2. Thanks, They are well loved. It seems like they especially love things I make them.