Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Weekly goals

We are starting our second Language Arts block. We are also starting a weekly PE class at the local homeschool center. We also went to the local homeschool groups park day yesterday. I feel like we are in an expansion stage - which makes sense as it's Spring!

I've added an activity to the morning circle called "Strange Family." It is verse and movement used to introduce skip counting in a physical way. Since it's the first week we are working with this activity, we're only walking number 1. Next week I will introduce number 2, and maybe number 3. We shall see.

We have been working with bean bags as well to transition from quiet time to afternoon practice time. We toss and catch a bean bag to a verse. First with one hand for a full verse and then the other. We then toss to a math verse, but this time tossing from one hand to another.

I've finally found the place for handwork in our rhythm! After story, on day 2 we have form drawing, which is pretty intense. It didn't feel right to draw forms right after hearing a new story. Following story day 3, or recall, we have art. So day 1 had a huge gaping hole that hand work fills quite nicely. This week Brother started sewing his tooth fairy pillow again. We had set it aside for a while, but now it seems like Brother is more ready. Little bunny (formerly Baby) laced cards.

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