Friday, April 9, 2010

Number 3

This week we learned about number 3. It felt a bit flat. It didn't seem like Brother picked up many threes from the story either. One reason is because we are sick... again. Someone has been sick every other week this winter. This time it is actually all four of us. And the trees are putting out a ton of pollen. So, we hung out at home limping our way through our week.

Here are our pictures:



I think the other reason it felt flat is because I tried tell the Grimm's version of Cinderella. Brother hated it. He was Ok during the telling, but Monday night in bed he said, "I don't need to hear that story again Mom, I'm done with it and I don't like it." He was pretty clear about it. So, Tuesday I switched to the Enki Story "Pear Blossom" which is the Korean version of Cinderella. Honestly, the story rings more true to what our family values anyway. And it does contain archetypal images, which is what made me try out the Grimm's version anyway. That and pressure from a friend - which was not her intent BTW. If she knew I felt pressure, she'd be sad. Anyway, changing a story midstream like that kind of deflated us as well.

Also, I had forgotten that Brother has a choleric temperament. I was recently reminded that choleric students need to have things change to keep their attention. I can't just keep doing the same thing each week or he is going to become bored. So, I am going to be looking to Sixth Sense Math from for additional ideas when I am presenting the number 4 next week. Hopefully some additional fun activities will re-ignite the spark.

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  1. I enjoyed reading about how you are exploring numbers as a family! Also love that wheat grass that you grew. Beautiful blog!