Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday - Craft Day

Circle was really rough today. I carried it, but barely. After that, we all went outside to play. It was pretty sunny and warm. We spent quite a bit of time in the garden clearing the black berries. 

For story we read the story from our Enki book - The Singing Snake. Brother laughed the whole time through! It was neat to hear him think something was funny and really laugh about it. I don't think he laughs a lot other than during wrestling time and night. It's not that he is not a happy kid, but in some ways, he is really quiet and deep.

Brother's butterfly is the one closest to the window.

Today's craft came from our Enki craft book. It uses the wet on wet paintings from 2 weeks ago as wings and a stick as the body. Brother loved making it and is very proud of his. It was really interesting watching him trace around the wing template. I could see where it became more difficult as he crossed his midlines. The paper was really thick for cutting, and his hands lacked some strength. Although, he is much more accurate with scissors than last year. He was able to punch 3 of the hole punches, which was a hand strength issue again. But, he had no problem with the sewing. A couple times when he was cutting, I gave him a little push to not give up. I am trying to strike a balance, to teach him that when things are tough, he shouldn't just give up. But again, remembering "Process Not Product".

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