Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We met our goals again today! 

We had circle. It was "very windy". I made the boys snowman dolls from the Living Crafts magazine (, Apparently both snowmen wanted to participate in circle. However, their hats kept falling off in the wind! For me it was very frustrating, but the kids totally loved it. After circle I talked to the snowmen and they decided to watch on Thursday instead of participating. Phew! I don't know if I could have handled another day of that. It was too distracting. 

We went over to a friends house in the afternoon for some creative play and socialization. My son learned the new "game" playing "Baby in Mama" where the boys would crawl into a box and pretend to be in mama. They talked about being warm and comfy and then after a while they were born. They went through their ages, turning 1, then 2.... until finally they were adults, at which time my son became an electrician. Just like Grandpa!

Unfortunately, Brother is really interested in guns. I am creating form around the play and  am trying to meet his needs for "items moving through space in other ways". Before Children, my plan was to never have guns in our lives, but after reading Raising Caine, Playful Parenting and an article in Mothering, I am compromising. I personally am fine with it, I grew up with two brothers who are both fine adults. They both played guns a lot. But, it causes issues socially, so I am trying to be respectful of other's feelings too. One rule is that we have to make them. No store bought guns.

Meanwhile, one solution for "items moving through space" was to build a catapult. This is the one we built ( Brother really likes the catapult a lot and it is even more meaningful to him because we built it together.

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