Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunday - Snow Day!

My goal of baking did not happen today. 

The weather was absolutely amazing. We had the biggest, fattest snow flakes I have ever seen in my life. I took pictures but haven't downloaded them yet. If any turn out, I'll post it. We live in trees and down a hill, so the wind was blowing really, really hard in the front yard. The snow flakes were whirling and twirling all around, tossed by the wind, flying up so high, spinning white snowflakes, up in the sky! In the back yard, there was no wind, so they were floating gently down to the ground. Brother was singing snow songs from our winter circle. He never sings during circle, but I hear him later. 
It was so beautiful, we ended up spending the morning experiencing it. Then we took our family walk, and it turned to wind blown sleet about halfway through. It wasn't really comfortable for the baby, so there was a bit of complaining there. 
In a while, the sun broke out and melted the snow. We had huge drips of water hanging from the wisteria vines in the back yard. When the sun would hit them just right, they would glow and sometimes even make rainbows. I'm sure it seemed magic to the children. .
In the afternoon we finally made it to the store, and then I had to clean for Kindergarten Co-Op on Monday morning. It's our turn to host.
Brother had a ton of questions about rainbows and why is light clear or white. Daddy explained it to him in his way. I am trying to learn how to use pictorial language better and how to create stories. When we were drifting off to sleep, a story about Father Sun and the colors came to me, so I was able to explain the same science to Brother, but in a more pictorial way. I felt like it was a breakthrough for me, but I don't feel confident enough to share. Sorry!
We did finally make it to the store in the afternoon - but too late for baking!

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