Friday, July 9, 2010

Fork Wind Chime

We are having a pretty unstructured summer, but we did manage to make a Fork Wind Chime craft from our Earthschooling curriculum. I went to Goodwill and purchased forks. I tried to chose forks with fun designs on the handle or forks that were really light. We hammered the forks flat and then glued two forks back to back with yarn pressed in between. It turns out that we hadn't hammered the forks handles flat enough to to really glue the yarn between the forks well. So, I tied the forks together with yarn and then glued the yarn. You can see the yarn band near the wider part of the fork. When they were dry, we tied the forks to our stick. Of course this was really easy from Brother who is nearing seven, but quite difficult for the 3 year old. Brother braided three strands of yarn together to make the handle.

To be honest, the forks don't seem to swing in the wind, but we sure did enjoy making the wind chime.

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  1. What a neat project! It sounds like your family had fun making it, and it's a beautiful addition to your yard. :)