Monday, June 7, 2010


I'm thinking about it a lot right now. I feel like we have already made some changes to reduce our footprint. My husband works from home and rarely goes to the office. I do drive the kids around, but I try and plan our routes and combine trips. The store we buy most of our produce from tries to provide produce from more local farmers.

A big thing we just did was buy a 1/4 grass fed cow from a local farmer. We don't officially practice "Meatless Monday" but I do try and have at least one vegetarian dinner during the week. Breakfast and Lunch are already vegetarian on most days.

I started making our own laundry detergent using Ivory soap, heavy wash soda and Borax. It is so much cheaper too!

We clean with dish soap and vinegar.

And the kids and I have switched over to "No Poo". I must say that I love it. My hair feels so much softer!

My next item to focus on is water. I got 2 beautiful water barrels from free cycle. I would like to get them hooked up shortly.

I want to reduce how much laundry we are doing. I do at least one load a day, and it seems like it is too much. I did cart the bath water downstairs tonight to put in the washing machine. That was a lot of work! And it took a lot of water to fill the machine. I was really taking it for granted and I know I was throwing things in the laundry that could have been worn again.

Another goal is put up a laundry line.

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