Thursday, March 4, 2010

Seal Oil Lamp letter fairy tale

Our letter fairy tale this week is the Enki tale "Seal Oil Lamp." After reading the story three days in a row, I muddled my way through the telling by memory today. Which is actually really great. When I mess up and forget something, or tell something wrong, he jumps right in to correct me. And there we have first grade recall! Even though he isn't summarizing or recalling the whole thing to me, because I am telling it from memory he is silently recalling it in his brain. And to have him correct me is even better. Our curriculum writer told me that in a classroom setting some kids don't participate verbally in the recall activity until second grade.

Guess the letter!

Brother really wanted to write the boy's name, Allugua, and include the food left for the boy by his mother. He also put the structural lines in the back ground representing the blocks of ice making up the igloo.

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