Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Form Drawing - back in the saddle!

Brother's - When will I learn to say "Would you like purple or blue" instead of saying "What color are you going to use?" For some reason Brother really likes to use light colors. But, I can barely see the drawing against the background. Oh well, next time!


So, since I really frustrated Brother two weeks ago with the mirrored image, I thought I'd go with something really "easy", 4 straight lines. This exercise really shows how the brain works - at age 6.5 anyway. This seemingly simple form drawing had hidden challenges. The first time he drew it, the lines were all drawn from top to bottom and were drawn at the correct, stepped down length.

But, that is not how we walked it.

When we walked it, the first line started from the bottom to the top, then the second was walked from the top to the bottom, the third from the bottom to the top, the fourth from the top to the bottom. Wow! When he tried to draw the form the way we walked it, it became really challenging for him. We practice on the chalk board and in a "sand tray" before we put the form to paper in our "Good Book". In a lot of the drawings, at least 2 lines were the same length. He did get it in the end though.

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