Sunday, February 7, 2010

Remaining week in review

These are our drawings for the story "The Gnomes and The Root Babies" from "A Little Garden Flower Before The Journey". Brother really wanted to draw Brigid's well, while it was dirty with garbage. For him, it is mainly an expression in color and feeling. He drew the gnome all in lines, unfortunately. But with a block crayon, he just turned it on it's side! And he also drew the path to the well.


I drew along side him. I wanted to include shovels to acknowledge that the gnomes are going to clean out the garbage.

Chalk Board Art! I thought that I would make a lovely picture for the boys. Unfortunately, I tried to draw it while they were around. Of course they wanted in on the action and rubbed mine out. I just erased it and then gave them the chalk to experiment with.

Form Drawing

Brother's. Do not ask me why he is so drawn to black. I don't know what the deal is! For some reason he put it way in the upper corner. I'm not sure why. On the positive side - he did get the form, he did learn to start from the start point and follow the form through until the end. I'm not sure how smooth flowing the drawing started out and then became. I noticed for a minute that he was stopping and changing the crayon around in his hand, and then continuing. I'll start watching for that in the future.


To honor Brother's choleric temperament, I am allowing Brother to give me a form to do each week as well. I go through all of the steps with him until completion. This one is a barn and a silo.

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