Saturday, October 3, 2009

older Kindergarten Week #3 Saturday

Whoever thinks that homeschoolers are locked in the house all day, sitting at a desk "schooling" is crazy! We are so busy socially that I can hardly get things done at home. Anyway, the boys watched daddy doing various house projects today. This afternoon we were able to complete our wet-on-wet painting activity scheduled for Friday. Both boys painted at the same time, so I didn't get to paint myself. I guess it is good that we are not doing led paintings yet! It is so surreal. Brother became lost in the colors today while painting, experiencing color qualities instead of trying to draw a particular object. I did start singing a song about red leaves falling before he started painting so that could have influenced him. Or it could be that we have had a strong rhythm for quite some time now. I am surprised and quite pleased though. It is so exciting to see processes occurring that I have only heard about!

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  1. It WOULD be nice to lock oneself in the house just once in a while. LOL Well, soon we can just use winter as the reason to stay indoors. Heh.