Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Brother

This year Brother turned 6! He watched too much Bob the Builder while I was recovering from my surgery and became completely obsessed with the character, so he wanted a Bob the Builder cake. Since he was so obsessed with Bob the Builder, I was unwilling to have that cake. However, he really enjoys Lincoln Logs and building, so we compromised and made this cake. The cabin is made out of royal frosting and pretzels, with a graham cracker crust. It took 4 days to make the cabin because of the drying and hardening time required for the royal frosting.

Grandpa and Grandma gave Brother a tool belt.

He is so happy!

Baby loved the birthday parties as well.

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  1. How cute! My son went through quite the "Bob the Builder" phase for a while.

    Happy Birthday, Brother!