Tuesday, February 28, 2012

John Muir Unit study

Another aspect of the Sages unit study is that we carry it through the next math block. We will do this by continuing our movement activities through the math unit.

I am not doing really great at having a circle right now. Brother has always resisted it - which makes a lot more sense now that I know about his unintegrated reflexes. So we go for a bike ride or walk in the morning, followed by his physical therapy exercises. The exercises don't take much time, but they can be straining to him because they are re-wiring his brain. It was much worse a few months ago though. And some of the exercises that he really hated have been completed.

After his PT we dance to Loch Lomond and one movement activity that is directly related to the John Muir story. I am probably going to add another dance in a week or so, depending on how this week goes. He loves the Loch Lomond song. We found a version of it on YouTube to listen to a couple times.

We have also made Cocka Leekie soup and Scottish Meat Pie. The Cocka Leekie soup was really fun. He wrote up the grocery list and we went to the store together. Also he did the math to figure out how much stock to add to the soup. It was really great to have him use math in a real life situation.

We plan on doing some more Scottish cooking, going to a Scottish dance and doing another craft.

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