Monday, June 15, 2009

June Bellingham visit

We went to Bellingham to visit with Oma and Opa this weekend. They live near Lake Whatcom so we have swimming, "urban hikes" and backyard nature to enjoy. While we were there, the juvenile Eagles were really flying over our heads often. And also Red Tail Hawks. The Crows and Steller Jays would really start making a racket and then shortly thereafter we would see the raptors flying over. I saw the Eagles lock talons one time mid flight. It was amazing!

While the boys were having a snack in the backyard, a fawn nibbled its way by them within 3 feet. Brother said that he could smell the fawn! About 5 minutes later Mama dear grazed her way by us. They go through the backyard daily and are used to seeing my parents.

We also took a nature walk to Whatcom Falls park. We start outside the park and hike in. Then I give the kids a while on the equipment before we walk out again. We saw Red Winged Black Birds (and heard their song). We also spied a very still fledging Robin. It became startled when a bike came by and ran down the middle of the trail before hiding behind a tree. On he way out we noticed the carpet of fuzz from the cottonwood trees. Wow!

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