Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Today I decided to add in the silk story for baby. I know he is only almost two, so we are not really homeschooling yet, but the younger stories feed Brother and baby enjoys them too. Brother starts first grade when he is seven, so in 18 months, I want to have our basic rhythms in place. And, my memory could really use the exercise.

I am also working really hard to complete a morning cleaning routine for myself using the Flylady principles. Here is her link: I have only been doing it for a week now, but already our laundry pile is completely under control. The dishes are getting done, and the main floor bathroom - with the cat box - is clean enough for a drop by visitor. The brothers play really well in the morning for about an hour before they are ready for breakfast and I really want to take advantage of that time as much as possible.

Today we went to visit our good friends I and S. I is brothers age, and both boys are really interested in space. I built a rocketship using moving boxes. It's really, really cool. They boys carried it upstairs and played space games for a long time. It was so cute because when they landed on a planet with little gravity and no atmosphere, they did a little dance to show they walked different. It is amazing how much they know about space and to see them incorporate it into play!

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